College-Wide Learning Outcomes

As part of Red River College’s Strategic Plan, the current College-wide Learning Outcomes (CWLO) have been renewed to reflect the themes in the plan and the College’s current thinking around student knowledge, skills and abilities, based on our values. CWLOs have been an embedded value at RRC and were first established in 2001 with a focus on the Conference Board of Canada’s Employability Skills.

View this short introductory CWLO video. For specific details on the renewal process of Red River College’s CWLO, please watch the eTV presentation located below in the CWLO Resources.

Red River College's College-Wide Learning Outcomes

The following College-Wide Learning Outcomes and their levels are currently being piloted by a number of Red River College programs:

Career Readiness

Red River College graduates are career-ready with the competence and confidence to be successful in local and global economies. They are committed to lifelong learning.

Level I. Skills for Career Entry
Level II. Proficiency in Career
Level III. Lead within Career


Red River College graduates communicate professionally in diverse environments. They use a variety of formats and techniques to communicate effectively.

Level I. Express Self
Level II. Interact with Others
Level III. Promote and Persuade

Think Critically

Red River College graduates think critically to solve problems, make informed decisions, and innovate. They ask questions, identify issues, organize information, and discriminate between alternatives.

Level I. Think Critically
Level II. Think Critically through Collaboration
Level III. Apply Critical Thinking to Global Issues


Red River College graduates apply research techniques, leading edge technologies, creative processes, and innovative approaches to local and global environments. They employ inquiry methods, exploration, and divergent thinking.

Level I. Generate Ideas
Level II. Build on Ideas
Level III. Transform Ideas

Contribute to the Community

Red River College graduates engage responsibly, respectfully, and ethically in their communities. They value the interdependence of social justice, sound economics, and meaningful environmental practices. They embrace global perspectives and lifelong learning.

Level I. Practice Good Citizenship
Level II. Engage in the Community
Level III. Model Leadership within Community


Red River College graduates are confident and competent role models who inspire and motivate others to achieve success.

Level I. Manage Self
Level II. Support and Lead Others
Level III. Lead in the Community

College-Wide Learning Outcomes Guide for Faculty

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Introduction and Process
  3. Competency Level Parameters
  4. Competency Level Descriptors
  5. Audiences and Users
  6. Level Descriptors & Indicator Summary
  7. Levels & Indicator Outline
  8. College-Wide Learning Outcomes
    1. Career Readiness
    2. Communicate
    3. Think Critically
    4. Innovate
    5. Contribute to the Community
    6. Lead
  9. Mapping Samples
  10. Faculty Resources

CWLO Resources:

CWLO Implementation Team (Oct 2015 - Present)

Neil Cooke Dean, Centre for Teaching Excellence, Innovation and Research
Sandra Sukhan Manager, Program and Curriculum Development
Sherry Sullivan Curriculum Consultant, Program and Curriculum Development
Robert Cordingley Instructor, Teacher Education
Sara McArthur Manager, Sustainability Initiatives
Nora Sobel Manager, Diversity and Intercultural Services
Judy McGuirk Instructor, Teacher Education
Ashley Blackman Director, Research and Planning

CWLO Development Team Membership (Mar 2013 - Sep 2014)

David Rew Vice President/Project Sponsor  Student Services and Planning
Christine Crowe Interim Vice President/Project Sponsor Academic and Research
Cindee Laverge Dean/CWLO Project Lead Student Services
Marti Ford Dean School of Indigenous Education
Jeff Chartrand Instructor/Coordinator School of Indigenous Education
Brian Deane Instructor/Coordinator School of Transportation, Aviation and Manufacturing
Joanne Vermette Instructor/Coordinator School of Business and Applied Management
Aaron Koodoo Chair School of Construction and Engineering Technologies
Stephen Yurkiw Educational Development Officer School of Hospitality and Culinary Arts
Bill Younger Chair School of Health Sciences and Community Services
Kerry Coulter Instructor/Coordinator School of Continuing Education
Sara MacArthur Manager Sustainability Initiatives
Judy McGuirk Instructor/Coordinator Teacher Education
Fred Doern School Research Chair School of Transportation, Aviation and Manufacturing
Lori-Ann Grenkow Interim Director Regional Services
Gene Semchych Manager Program and Curriculum Development
Robert Cordingly Curriculum Consultant Program and Curriculum Development
Eddy Lau Interim Director International Education
Nora Sobel Interim Manager Diversity and Intercultural Services
Blanche Garma SA VP Academic (2012-13) Students’ Association
Kiera Mirza SA VP Academic (2013-14) Students’ Association
Deb Blower RPL Facilitator Recognition of Prior Learning
Kathryn McNaughton Dean Centre for Teaching Excellence, Innovation & Research
Marni Russell SEM Project Manager Student Services
Ashley Blackman Director Research and Planning 

More Information?

For information about the College-Wide Learning Outcomes initiative, contact:

Sandra Sukhan
Manager, Program and Curriculum Development