Sep 13
Award Lights Up Life-long Learner

Robert Funk.jpgRobert Funk, Construction Electrician Instructor, is this year's recipient of RRC's Mervin Maxwell Award. He earned this recognition for completing the Certificate in Adult Education (CAE)  program in a manner that demonstrates a commitment to life-long learning and professional development, and that supports the distinctive ideals of adult learning.

This award was established in February 2009 to honour the memory of Mervin Maxwell, a dedicated long-term Instructor and the first Coordinator in the CAE program at Red River College. 

Mervin was a well-respected adult educator who spent his career educating teachers. His passion for his work stemmed from the belief that knowledge and skills related to teaching and learning are as equally important as subject area expertise.

I asked Rob about the impact the CAE had on his development as a professional educator. Rob pointed to three key changes:

  • “I use more formative assessment now. Regular, low stakes assessment gives students feedback on their progress, and cues to me on the effectiveness of my teaching. This allows me to adjust as necessary.
  • I'm more responsive to the learning needs of the students in my class. I consider their varied needs, backgrounds, learning styles and ensure I plan accordingly.
  • I'm more reflective. I constantly re-evaluate my teaching methods to see how I can better meet the needs of my students".

Well said, Rob. Congratulations!


Please join us in congratulating Rob on this recognition. Click on the “sign in" button at the top right, enter your RRC credentials, and join the conversation. What positive impact has the CAE had on your development as a professional educator?

Photo: Robert Funk (center) with Kurt Proctor, Chair of Teacher Education and Judy McGuirk, CAE Program Coordinator.


Very well said and congratu...

Very well said and congratulations, Rob!
Picture Placeholder: Kevin Boon
  • Kevin Boon
 on 9/13/2019 8:46 AM

Congratulations, Rob!
As f...

Congratulations, Rob!
As for how the CAE has influenced by development as an instructor: I learned something in every course and every course moved me closer to appreciating that teaching is a craft and every day in the classroom is an opportunity to try out a new way to do something. I appreciated the concrete learnings, and I also greatly benefited from meeting my peers and sharing experiences about teaching with them.
Picture Placeholder: Amanda  Le Rougetel
  • Amanda Le Rougetel
 on 9/13/2019 8:55 AM

Congrats, Rob!

I'm still ...

Congrats, Rob!

I'm still in the midst of my CAE. Thus far, I have enjoyed writing an essay on the history of women's education in Manitoba and the content for the Educational Psychology course! It's been nice hearing the perspectives of faculty in other departments as well. It helps me feel more connected to the college as a whole.
Picture Placeholder: Sherry L Seymour
  • Sherry L Seymour
 on 9/13/2019 9:10 AM

Congratulations Rob!  Your ...

Congratulations Rob!  Your quiet commitment to your students' success is inspiring.  You beautifully demonstrate that good teaching is a simple commitment to learning principles, positive relationships, and reflection on your professional practice.
Picture Placeholder: Teresa L. Menzies
  • Teresa L. Menzies
 on 9/13/2019 9:25 AM

Congratulations Rob, whethe...

Congratulations Rob, whether you realize it or not, you are having a ripple effect in the lives of many.
Picture Placeholder: Lindsay Mulholland
  • Lindsay Mulholland
 on 9/13/2019 10:05 AM

Congratulations! I had the ...

Congratulations! I had the honour of taking a course with Mervin Maxwell. His dedication to the students and our learning with amazing. Rob, you deserve the award, and it is awesome to see instructors like yourself, with his passion and dedication!
Picture Placeholder: Andrea McCann-Suchower
  • Andrea McCann-Suchower
 on 9/13/2019 10:14 AM

I've shared this before, bu...

I've shared this before, but for me, arguably the greatest take away from being a CAE student was the experience of being an adult learner again. When completing my CAE, life was more complicated than the last time I pursued a formal post-secondary program. Now I was a wife, mother, homeowner, and starting a new job. That balancing act gave me fresh empathy for my students - many of whom are in the exact same position.
Picture Placeholder: Janine Carmichael
  • Janine Carmichael
 on 9/13/2019 1:11 PM

Congratulations Rob! It's s...

Congratulations Rob! It's so great to read how CAE has impacted so many at RRC, including those who take the program and the students who benefit from the skills they acquire in it :)
Picture Placeholder: Nadine Ogborn
  • Nadine Ogborn
 on 9/13/2019 2:07 PM