May 29
That's a Wrap!

This week I was introduced to the phases of emotional responses to a disaster or crisis: 

  • The first phase is the heroic stage where individuals are motivated to do whatever they can to help others.

  • The second phase is the honeymoon stage where communities comes together to solve problems and deep bonding occurs.

  • Next comes the disillusionment phase where uncertainty, delays, fear, fatigue and stress weighs heavy.

  • And finally comes the reconstruction phase where individuals and communities begin to imagine and develop a “new normal".

As we cope with a global pandemic personally and professionally, where do you see yourself? Your department? Our institution?

For us, we're probably a bit in disillusionment but reconstruction seems closer! So, as we all work hard towards our shared future, would you offer some feedback about if/how Faculty Fridays could play a role to support you in teaching for learning?   

Sign in above and comment below, or send us an email directly to or with your feedback on the following:

Faculty Fridays Blog 

  • Is it important to you that the blog continue for another academic year? Why?
  • Currently the blog exists on a Sharepoint site without the ability for threaded conversations or comment notifications. Would you like that functionality? Do you have other suggestions for improvement to the blog?

FF@4: For the past nine weeks, FF@4 took place each Tuesday and Thursday at 4PM over Webex. FF@4 was an opportunity to end the day with colleagues talking about teaching for learning. 

  • Do you see value in FF@4s continuing in the future?

Thank you.jpgThank you to everyone who has contributed to our third year of this blog, particularly as we went daily during alternative delivery. Thank you also to all the faculty and staff who contributed to FF@4. And, thank you in advance to everyone who will share feedback with us. We will review it carefully.

Have a wonderful summer everyone!

Janine + Amanda


Phases of Disaster, SAMHSA, United States


The 4 phases seems quite ac...

The 4 phases seems quite accurate to me. I think I'm coming to the other side of Phase 3 now and I am well into preparation for the new normal kind of phase. Thank you for sharing this and happy summer!
Picture Placeholder: Sarah Hie
  • Sarah Hie
 on 6/22/2020 11:40 AM