May 22
Connecting Students and Industry

Today would have been RED Forum. RED Forum is an annual professional development day for all staff and faculty. RED is an acronym for three themes of the day: Relationships, Education and Direction.

While we can't be together for RED Forum, these are still important themes to guide our professional development.

Last week Dr. Watson interviewed Andrea McCann about how she has incorporated project-based learning using RIIPEN into her Marketing, Consumer Behavior and Retail Management courses. RIIPEN is an online platform that connects students to industry organizations that have current projects/problems they want help with. And, it all takes place on a global scale. You may have also read the Behind the Scenes blog post about this new approach.  

Andrea's new approach reflects the themes of RED Forum:

Relationships are strengthened on several levels: Students are learning skills in building effective teams; as well, the projects build relationships between industry and RRC and our students.

Education – Students are learning through applied, project-based learning. Andrea also noted that she is learning too: new companies, new trends, new teaching methods to support students. For example, instead of large synchronous classes on Webex or Teams, Andrea instead scheduled shorter meetings with groups of students to check in on their projects. She used those check-ins to coach students on content, time management, conflict resolution, client relationships, etc.

Direction - “I don't ever want to go back to textbook teaching. I am energized by the opportunity to embed essential human skills, like communication and problem-solving, into the course-level outcomes through these projects," Andrea added.  


How about you? How are you maintaining or growing Relationships? What Education have you pursued or feel that you need? What does the Direction of your future teaching look like?  


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