May 15
What do you miss about working on campus?

​​The Long Weekend is here and we wish you a relaxing time, hopefully away fr​om your desk and outside in nature. But before we leave the indoors, today’s post is just a fun one for you! 

Working from home is feeling more and more normal for me; however, I still miss many things about working on campus:  

  • Face-to-face contact with my colleagues on the Notre Dame campus 
  • Walking across campus to meetings or up the four flights of stairs to my office, as a way to get in some exercise during the day 
  • The friendly smiles of the servers in The Voyageur, The Buffalo, and at Tim’s  
  • The lively kid noises coming from the daycare’s playground
  • The spring beautification of the campus by the Grounds crew 

my workspace.JPGAnd I am also missing my big desk! When I moved into my current corner workspace, I scored a desk that wouldn’t fit anywhere else. At first it seemed excessive, but I quickly got used to having all that room to spread out. I have nowhere near that size to work with in my home workspace. I am, therefore, learning to operate with less room and more creative organizing that could possibly include spilling over onto the floor occasionally…  

What are you missing about working on campus? Anything? Nothing? Tell us by posting a comment in the conversation below.​


I have a list of things I'm...

I have a list of things I'm missing! My chair and my desk - while no where near ergonomically perfect, it was a whole lot better than sitting on a cushion on the living room floor at the coffee table, or standing at the kitchen counter with my laptop on a stack of books! I am missing cawfee-tawk with my pals, I am missing the walking meetings around campus to stretch our legs and get some work done at the same time! I think most of all however, I'm missing the social interactions, have a nice weekend everyone!
Picture Placeholder: Ruth Lindsey-Armstrong
  • Ruth Lindsey-Armstrong
 on 5/15/2020 10:13 AM

I hear you on the chair and...

I hear you on the chair and desk, Ruth! The kitchen table and chair (or two saw horses and scrap wood for when I teach synchronously in the evening) leave something to be desired. But I also miss the printer... I'm finding teaching online while managing my work computer for Webex and my home computer for my notes challenging. I just want some paper! (sorry trees and Sustainability colleagues) :) I hope you all have a lovely long weekend. I hope it will be a meaningful break of rest and rejuvenation.
Picture Placeholder: Janine Carmichael
  • Janine Carmichael
 on 5/15/2020 10:30 AM

I'm missing my bike commute...

I'm missing my bike commute to work in the spring, water cooler chats, and the energy of students in the hallways. I'm also missing the stair workouts!
Picture Placeholder: Sherry L Seymour
  • Sherry L Seymour
 on 5/15/2020 10:56 AM

I miss wearing a watch. I r...

I miss wearing a watch. I really do. I miss putting it on in the morning and going out the door to go to NDC. I even miss the drive, odd as that may seem. I like to think I came up with some good teaching ideas on those drives :)
Picture Placeholder: Arlene Petkau
  • Arlene Petkau
 on 5/15/2020 3:43 PM