May 08
The “How” of Fall Planning

As we all prepare for fall, there are still many unknowns. So, today we’re talking about the “how” of fall planning, not the “what”. What are the things that you are doing now to ensure you will be ready for whatever fall looks like in your area?


  • What new skills are you learning? Are they skills in technology, teaching, subject matter expertise? Where are you accessing the resources to build those skills? LinkedIn Learning? CAE courses? Peer mentorships? Other? If you’re working on new tech skills, how are you linking them to sound pedagogy?


  • Who are you collaborating with? How are you doing it?

Shifting our Mindset

For me, I’ve been intentional about working on LEARN and Webex. I’ve been giving more thought to how to offer active, student-centered learning in both synchronous and asynchronous options, as well as layout for clarity and accessibility. I’m also practicing a lot in both platforms. To stay connected, I’m engaged with our community of practice built through Faculty Fridays. Each Tuesday and Thursday @ 4:00PM (for 8 weeks now), we’ve been gathering for an FF@4 to chat, to share successes and to brainstorm solutions. I’m so grateful for colleagues who have been willing to share with me. Time well spent for sure. (You’re welcome to join too. See the link in Staff News each Tuesday and Thursday).


How about you? What does the “how” of fall planning look like for you? Sign in above and comment below.


Last week, I attended 2 exc...

Last week, I attended 2 excellent live webinars by Murray Toews and Lauren Kullman from the eTV department on the Mediasite Desktop Recorder (MDR). MDR lets you make videos without having to spend a lot of time learning complicated software. Here's the link to the internal site on MDR: 
Picture Placeholder: Andrew Warren
  • Andrew Warren
 on 5/8/2020 12:12 PM

Good morning, sorry for my ...

Good morning, sorry for my late response on this topic - one that is very near and dear to me! I would suggest that a survey go out to current students to determine what they are looking for in an online classroom. A few things to think about in this extraordinary time we are all experiencing, is that the current version of online learning is not what online learning could or should be necessarily. There is a great deal of educational science and planning in online learning, I guess if we asked our colleages "how much time have you dedicated to studying what excellence in O/L looks like, much planning time did you have to get your current courses online? Likely, not much in both cases.  RRC is offering many resources through eTV and CLEP, there is also a course on Learn - Principles of Online and Blended Learning, it could use some updates, but the basic premise of the course is good, especially the section about assessment of online discussions. I would also recommend Tony Bates "Teaching in a Digital Age", and his ongoing blog at I am thinking about what it will be like to move into the fall with alternative education (I caution the use of the word "delivery" as I don't believe anyone will be delivering education to anyone's door anytime soon (think old school correspondence classes! - aka Amazon! LOL). I am in awe of instructors who have really had to stretch their skills for teaching all the while probably teaching their children at home, but also how learners are juggling the work, with the addition of young children potentially also learning at home, financial strains, and the worry of their futures. Love how this blog feature keeps the conversation going! Thanks Amanda and Janine!
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  • Ruth Lindsey-Armstrong
 on 5/11/2020 9:23 AM

Thanks Ruth. Always appreci...

Thanks Ruth. Always appreciate your insight, and your focus on learners. Thanks also for sharing the link to Tony's site. I took a quick look and loved this quote I stumbled across: "Good teaching may overcome a poor choice of technology but technology will never save bad teaching."
Picture Placeholder: Janine Carmichael
  • Janine Carmichael
 on 5/11/2020 11:29 AM