May 01
Top 5 Ways to Introduce Fun into an Online Classroom

It may be the first of May, but today is our last day of Faculty Fridays: Daily Edition. Amanda and I have enjoyed the opportunity to come alongside faculty during these challenging times to share best practices and offer support. Yet this blog is nothing without our community. Thank you for your willingness to share and learn with us. We have received back in spades.

Time for some Friday fun! How could we incorporate some fun into synchronous online sessions? Here are five ideas:

1.       First day introductions

Spoiler alert for my students starting on Tuesday! I'm going to ask them to show something that represents a healthy way they have handled self-isolation. I might show my Kitchen-Aid mixer as we've done a lot of baking around here! The Discussion Forum in LEARN is a nice tool for getting to know students too. You could ask students to write an acrostic poem based on their name or ask for two truths and a lie.

2.       Playing games  

This past weekend was my daughter's birthday. We were able to connect on a Zoom call to play some games with our family. One that worked well – the ever popular Kahoot! Did you know that you can use it during class, or even assign to students as an independent review activity? We also played charades. Could that be repurposed for certain skills or terms in your course? It was easy to send the words directly to each participant through the chat.

3.       Revise reviews

How about when reviewing material inviting students to either give a thumbs up or thumbs down in the chat? If we get a bunch of thumbs down, that may be a cue that point needs to be reviewed or explained in another way. You could do this with emojis too.

4.       Deeper questioning

How about a fun way to deepen questioning? I used to use this one in a Marketing course. When we were learning about buying centers, I would ask them to explain buying centers in a way/with a vocabulary that a particular group might understand, like a room full of kindergarteners, Winnipeg Jets or your grandparents.

5.       Plan theme days

My hubby's team does this occasionally with their team calls. For example, one day they are encouraged to share a picture from a favourite holiday. Or you could have a crazy hat day. Or you could choose a theme song for your class with your students (ie. “I Will Survive" or “Let it Go!"). My hubby's favourite was when they were asked to share a picture of their first car. What might be reasonable and fun for your students?


Have you incorporated some fun into synchronous sessions? Sign in above and share your comment below. 


For the last 6 years I have...

For the last 6 years I have used the Somebody, Nobody, Everybody physical activity game with my CE class.  I divide students into those three named groups and read a short story where those names are part of the story.  When their group name is read, they must stand up and sit down normally without using their hands on the table.  I always tell students that if they do not wish to participate that' it is fine.  Over the next few classes I change the names by asking students their favorite singers, actors etc.  it adds some more fun.  I believe we should not forget that in class sessions should be made fun, not just because it is online. thx!
Picture Placeholder: Joel Hershfield
  • Joel Hershfield
 on 5/1/2020 10:33 AM

I am so trying these...than...

I am so trying these...thank you!
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  • Arlene Petkau
 on 5/4/2020 1:01 PM