Apr 29
Top 5 External Resources

This will be our last week of Faculty Fridays: Daily Edition. Beginning next week, we’ll go back to weekly posts. FF@4 on Tuesdays and Thursdays will also continue through May.

For our last five days of daily posts, we’ll be focusing on top 5’s. Today’s top 5 are external resources that support our teaching practices.

 What is it?  What's to like about it?  
Cult of PedagogyBlog, Podcast, Videos, Store,  The weekly email, with its lively tone and immediately-useable information, prompts us to explore the site for more.  

John Spencer


Articles, Podcast, Youtube videos, Books With its focus on project-based learning, design thinking and making, the practical resources bring a fun and creative perspective on student-centered learning.
Faculty FocusArticles Regular research-based articles on topics specific to teaching in higher education.
Chronicle of Higher EducationWebsite, Social MediaWhile U.S.-based, articles share perspective on big picture themes in higher education.
Faculty FridaysBlogYou knew we would put our blog on the list, right!?! For us, the blog is not just about sharing best practices, but about building a community of those focused on teaching for learning at RRC.

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