Apr 23
WebEx Classroom Etiquette Part 2

Thank you so much to everyone who commented or reached out directly as a result of Tuesday's Faculty Fridays post. You may recall it was about best practices for WebEx classroom etiquette. I'm thankful for this community of practice as I learned a lot that is very useful in my planning.

While some of the comments had to do with reasonable expectations for students, others appropriately shared some best practices for instructors too. Here are a few that stood out for me:

  • Rita Prokopetz mentioned the importance of opening the call early to allow for chatter with and among students before class.

  • Harv Mock reminded us to have all our resources ready before class, so students don't see us fumble through our directory.

  • Ruth Lindsey-Armstrong suggested we record the sessions to review what happened, and review the chat.

  • Gail Horvath suggested that WebEx Teams may be more helpful for longer synchronous sessions, as it allows for break-out rooms for students to participate in activities.

Today, I'm further wondering about the role of instructors in setting a professional climate for class. Here are a few of my plans: 

  • I'm going to try leading parts of the class standing up rather than sitting at my desk. At my husband's work, when senior leaders host video calls they are often standing, with something neutral/professional in the background. I'm going to try this too. I'll certainly have to practice to ensure it isn't more distracting while managing the technology, but I think moving around a bit and hand gestures may be helpful for demonstrating energy/enthusiasm.

  • I will dress professionally. I may be working from home, but I won’t look like I just rolled out of bed. I'll try my best to do my hair too, but I sure could use a haircut!

  • I'm going to ensure I have a professional picture loaded into WebEx in case the video is turned off.

What else should I consider? What are best practices specifically for instructors in communicating professionalism in a WebEx classroom?  

I can't wait to get started. Thanks for the help. Sign in above and comment below!


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It might also be helpful to...

It might also be helpful to establish a procedure for dropped calls and/or other Wi-Fi issues, which seem to be fairly common and can be stressful and out of a student's control. Perhaps establishing an alternative means of communicating such as texting a classmate to explain the situation or a follow up email when possible.

Has anyone else established etiquette/procedure for this type of videoconferencing issue?
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  • Kevin Boon
 on 4/23/2020 3:06 PM