Jan 31
What Makes a Good Instructor? Part 2

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our 100th post conversation last week. It was, by far, the most comments we have ever received to a post.

100 Post Word Bubble.jpgIf we were to paint a portrait of an effective instructor based on the comments contributed, the painting would show an individual brimming with energy and enthusiasm, filled with kindness and compassion, and demonstrating the willingness to engage with students as partners in the teaching and learning process.

We find this portrait inspiring!

Not a single comment focused on the subject matter expertise that we know underlies confident teaching; that is simply the base requirement for entry into the world of teaching. And this makes perfect sense to us: Teaching is not telling. It is about engaging with our students and collaborating with them to create meaning out of information and experiences in our classes.

The comments also demonstrate the significance of community in nurturing, supporting and celebrating good teaching. We are pleased to be a part of that community.

Keep it up, all!



Picture Placeholder: Lindsay Mulholland
  • Lindsay Mulholland
 on 1/31/2020 11:08 AM

so great to read, thanks!

so great to read, thanks!
Picture Placeholder: Ruth Lindsey-Armstrong
  • Ruth Lindsey-Armstrong
 on 1/31/2020 3:59 PM

Subject matter expertise is...

Subject matter expertise is essential so that you do NOT simply "tell."  Telling is much easier to do with limited knowledge. To actually engage and foster a positive learning environment that will provide students with employability skills requires a high level of expertise.
Picture Placeholder: Maria Vincenten
  • Maria Vincenten
 on 2/2/2020 11:01 AM

Maria, thanks for an insigh...

Maria, thanks for an insightful perspective on subject matter expertise! Indeed, it is essential. The deeper that subject matter expertise, the more effort and focus the instructor can bring to the teaching style and methods. Nice addition to the conversation!
Picture Placeholder: Janine Carmichael
  • Janine Carmichael
 on 2/3/2020 3:01 PM