Dec 13
'Twas the Weeks Before Christmas

'Twas the weeks before Christmas and all through the school

With grading and planning I was losing my cool


Students' final assignments show that some don't want to work

But giving low grades makes me feel like a jerk


I'm tired and cranky - the students have it coming

But I stop and think, what a scrooge I'm becoming


I focus on my work and try to be wise

So I can enjoy the last few weeks with these guys


But good teaching is hard, I remind myself still

It takes relationships, reflection, and loads of skill


Instructors need support - that's where Faculty Fridays come in

Because in the classroom we all want a win


Together we share, debate and discuss

Teaching best practices for all of us


We're focused on students and all that they need

So eventually our students will take the lead


Thanks for your contribution to teaching and learning

You're keeping the fire of skill and knowledge transfer burning


We wish you the happiest and merriest of holidays

From Janine and Amanda of Faculty Fridays


Enjoy your time off and spread some good cheer

In the New Year Faculty Fridays will again reappear


Adapted from: The Nerdy Teacher Blog, Amy Oelschlager


Thank you for all the hard ...

Thank you for all the hard work in 2019!!

Cheers to 2020!
Picture Placeholder: Lindsay Mulholland
  • Lindsay Mulholland
 on 12/13/2019 11:04 AM