TEIR supports excellence and innovation in the use of learning technologies at Red River College. The Teaching Learning Technology Centre and eTV Learning Technologies have expertise and experience in supporting instructors and programs in the creative use of technology for learning. We can help you design and create learning materials and teach you how to integrate effective learning technology in your classroom.

Teaching Learning Technology Centre (TLTC)

Accessing LEARN Support

The TLTC maintains a LEARN Support page on the TLTC blog.

TLTC Technology

The TLTC has a lot of content up on the TLTC blog to help you with your learning technology needs. Contact LEARN Support at if you have any questions.

eTV Learning Technologies

As part of the Centre for Teaching Excellence Innovation and Research, eTV produces and delivers a variety of rich-media materials that support excellence in teaching and learning.

Experience a preview of eTV’s productions and services. Your vision begins here.

Information Technology Solutions (ITS)

Information Technology Solutions maintains a web site located at

To enter an IT Support Request, please access the CASELOG system.