RPL Strategic Plan


The RRC RPL Strategic and Operational Plan (2012-2017) guides RPL practice at the College. The plan includes strategic goals, outcomes and actions that describe the development, implementation, expansion and integration of quality RPL systems and practices across the College.

The RRC RPL Strategic and Operational Plan is currently being reviewed. Three stakeholder engagement sessions have taken place and RRC’s Institutional Research Manager is guiding the next steps in the review and redevelopment process. An updated RRC RPL Strategic Plan will be introduced once the process is complete.


RPL is an integral part of RRC services and programs for students, College faculty and staff and the external community. The College is recognized in Manitoba and beyond as a leader in quality and excellence in RPL practice.


Communication: The College will clearly and consistently communicate about RPL to ensure access to RPL practices, policies and processes for all stakeholders.

Quality in RPL: The College will ensure that programs include RPL as an integral part of curriculum development, assessment and delivery and apply best practice guidelines to ensure quality RPL standards, processes and practices.

Staff Development: The College will ensure that staff will be knowledgeable and skilled in RPL standards, processes and practices through access to training and resources to ensure quality practice.

Systems Coordination: The College will ensure system coordination for RPL standards, processes and practices across programs and services using the College information systems to record, track, access and disseminate internal and external RPL information and transactions.

Resources and Cost to Access RPL: The College will dedicate resources to ensure RPL is an integral part of the way we “do business” for the benefit of all stakeholders, in order to implement RPL standards, processes and practices that are cost effective and efficient.

Partnerships: The College will conduct research, pursue partnerships and collaborate with regulatory and accrediting bodies, other educational institutions, business, industries and RPL organizations at the local, provincial, national and international level to advance quality RPL practice. The College will advance its leadership role in RPL practice.