RPL and the Canadian Armed Forces

On April 4, 2019, Red River College announced its partnership with the National Advanced Placement & Prior Learning (N-APPL) process. Canadian Armed Forces veterans may be eligible for recognition of prior learning through the N-APPL process. The N-APPL process evaluates and recognizes the skills and expertise of former and current serving members of the Canadian Armed Forces.

For information, please contact the College's RPL Advisor at rpladvisor@rrc.ca or 204-632-3094.

RPL Military Workshop

Red River College collaborated with MPLAN, University of Winnipeg and Brandon University to offer a Military RPL Workshop on May 7, 2019:

Video link: https://etv.academic.rrc.ca/Mediasite/Play/3c32332c63d84a21b9d829984c4ba8d41d

Regular and reserve members of the Canadian Forces want to upgrade or continue their education during their time of service. Retiring and releasing members and veterans want to transition into education and employment in civilian life.

Recognition of Prior Learning is an important means for individuals who have learned so much during their military service to be able to save time and effort and be appropriately placed in educational institutions, where they make great students, and in the workplace, where they make great employees.

This workshop includes information about policies and processes in Manitoba post-secondary institutions to facilitate pathways for learners with military experience, and opportunities for Manitoba employers to take advantage of the skills that prospective employees with military experience bring to the workforce. You will hear from representatives from educational institutions, employers, support personnel within the military, and students who will speak about their own experience.

Workshop Speakers include:

  • Nigel Whittaker (Col), Assistant Chief of Staff Support, 3rd Canadian Division, Department of National Defense (View Presentation)
  • Warren Otto, Academic Advisor, Military Support Office, Extended Education, University of Manitoba (View Presentation)
  • Lauren Waples, RPL Facilitator, RPL Services, Red River College of Applied Arts Science and Technology (View Presentation)
  • Colin Russell, Registrar, University of Winnipeg (View Presentation)
  • Stephanie Rozzi, Adult Learner Advisor, University of Winnipeg
  • Scott Freer (OCdt), UW student and serving member at 17 Wing Winnipeg
  • Captain Jacob Pacheco, Wing Personnel Selection Office, 17 Wing Winnipeg
  • Chris Toews, Oak, Ash and Thorn
  • Carol Paul, Manitoba Construction Sector Council
  • Darcey Hormann, CP Rail
  • Ken Webb, Canadian Forces Liaison Committee, Manitoba and North West Ontario