Program and Curriculum Development


The Program and Curriculum Development department strives for curriculum excellence through continuous enhancement and improvement of all programs at Red River College.


The mission of the Program and Curriculum Development department is to oversee a variety of curriculum-related quality assurance processes. Quality is fundamental to the academic mission and goals of Red River College and a quality curriculum, enabled by a variety of policies, practices, and services is essential for the success of the college, its students, the faculty providing instruction and the support staff who enable student success.


The Program and Curriculum Development (PCD) department is the strategic development and review unit within the Centre for Teaching Excellence, Innovation and Research for leadership, expertise, and support in curriculum, and for the quality assurance monitoring of program curriculum. PCD has adopted the ADDIE model (Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation) of curriculum design which is part of the overall Program Life Cycle at Red River College. The department ensures college-wide consistency in the analysis and design phases of curricular design, and has the central role in periodic quality assurance audits as a sampling activity. To support the RRC quality culture, PCD establishes and oversees college-wide frameworks, processes and systems including, but not limited to, Program Renewals, integration of College-Wide Learning Outcomes in program outcomes, Community Engagement/Service Learning, Instructor Mentorship, and Quality Assurance Management Systems audits.