The Innovators 2012

The School of Learning Innovation is proud to showcase the recipients of the 2012 Learning Innovation Awards to recognize achievement in educational technology. The awards are given for Innovation in Teaching-Learning and have as a goal to foster a culture of innovation among those who teach at Red River College.   

The awards contribute to this goal through

1)      Recognition.  The Innovators as well as the innovation deserve to be highlighted. A video profile is a lasting and public means for appreciation.

2)      A Public Record of the project.  A video captures some of the history and the approaches to innovation.

3)      Promotion.  The video is designed to publicize the work of innovators inside and outside the college.  Ideally the promotion opens further opportunities for innovative projects.

Award Winners

MDA: Mobile Documentation Assistant

Department: Nursing

Nursing students spend much of their time learning to document clinical findings at the bedside.  Instructor Tasha Holt and Instructional Designer Claudius Soodeen developed the mobile application to guide first year students in documentation procedures and terminology.

A Graduation Ring: Building a Tradition

Department: Teacher Education

Teacher Education faculty revised their 3 senior capstone courses in Graphic Design, Manufacturing and Power & Energy to focus of the production of a Graduation Ring. The project to create a memento of the Industrial Arts Teacher Education program as a whole, succeeded in integrating a diverse program into a single student experience.

Robotics: Teaching the New Skills to Compete

Department: Mechanical, Manufacturing & Communication

Red River College opened a new robotics lab in the fall of 2011.  Instructor Shylyte  Bloodworth introduced first year welders to the robots in MANU-1044 “Intro to Robotics.”  She believes a robotics program is going to open up new opportunities for the students and new skills as the technology rolls out into industry.

Focus on Service Learning: Live TV Production

Department: Creative Arts

Second-year students representing all four streams of the CreComm (journalism, advertising, public relations and broadcasting) served as technical crew and on-air talent while broadcasting live from the Humane Society Telethon. Instructor Joanne Kelly reorganized her COMM-3011 “Live Television Production” toward a Service Learning model to integrate technical skills with community involvement.


The awards were presented as part of Learning Innovation Day sponsored by the School of Learning Innovation for College Week 2012.

Video Presentations are Hosted in the SCORE Digital Repository

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