Teaching Essentials Program (TEP)

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The Teaching Essentials Program is part of a multifaceted approach designed to equip new faculty to be confident, well prepared, and to feel comfortable in their new roles as instructors at Red River College. This component of new faculty orientation will mesh with a newly structured mentorship program and complement other existing Red River College programs including the New Staff Orientation Session, Faculty Development sessions and the Certificate in Adult Education program.    

The overriding goals of all programs that impact new Red River College faculty are to:

  1. Assist in the transition from industry or business to new roles as instructors in an educational environment
  2.  Provide opportunities for new faculty to be socialized into the college setting and become familiar with the procedures and policies that impact college, program and classroom cultures
  3.  Assist new instructors in the development of pedagogical skills.  

The intent of the Teaching Essentials Program is that workshops will begin prior to any teaching assignments. This program is a series of sessions that focus on introducing essential teaching and learning methodologies/skills to new instructors. Topics include planning and organizing for instruction, effective communication and management of students, instructional technologies, learning styles and teaching strategies, assessment, and reflective teaching.

Research shows that effective new faculty orientation programs contribute to teacher retention rates, smooth the transition into the teaching profession, foster emotional development and job satisfaction, improve pedagogical practice, and most importantly increase student achievement through improved teaching performance.

The Teaching Essentials Program plays a significant role in meeting the overriding goals of supporting new faculty through a series of interactive sessions that link their subject specialty knowledge directly to the practical planning and instructional skills needed to meet the immediate needs of curriculum delivery and student learning.

Teaching Essentials Program Dates

  • Dec. 16-18, 2019
  • Jan. 7-9, 2020
  • Aug. 25-27, 2020

For Further Information

For further information please contact:
Teacher Education Office 204-632-2300 or mlpishak@rrc.ca