Develop Faculty Development and Instructional Practices

At the heart of any student success effort is the quality of instruction. Though Red River College excels in attracting instructors with industry expertise, we need to support them in becoming excellent teachers as well. Our efforts in this regard must be strengthened and include all instructors — providing pedagogical support to full-time instructors on the main campuses, CE instructors, part-time/casual/contract instructors and those teaching students at the regional campuses. This support must include teaching methodologies for face-to-face, online and hybrid instructional delivery.

Providing Instructor Support at the Centre for Teaching Excellence, Innovation & Research (TEIR)

The Centre for Teaching Excellence, Innovation & Research (TEIR) will develop as a Teaching Commons, providing a full range of support, professional development and research for faculty and academic programs. The Centre has eight inter-dependent sections: Program and Instructional Design, Quality Assurance, Instructor Support, Teaching & Learning Research and Development, Learning Technologies Development and Support, Teacher Education, and the Library. The Centre will also establish expertise in the development of Aboriginal teaching and learning methods that will be incorporated into the curriculum.

Advancing Instructor Development with Teaching Essentials Program (TEP)

The Teaching Essentials Program is part of a multifaceted approach to bringing new instructors on-board quickly and effectively. The program is designed to equip new faculty members to be confident, well-prepared and comfortable in their new role as an instructor at Red River College. In addition to participating in this program, new instructors are expected to work with a mentor within their own department, attend a Faculty Orientation Session, work towards the Certificate in Adult Education (to be completed within five years) and participate in faculty development sessions, as appropriate, to further develop their effectiveness in the classroom.

Overall goals of RRC new faculty programs

  • Assist in the transition from industry or business to new roles as instructors in an educational environment.
  • Provide opportunities for new faculty to be socialized into the college setting and become familiar with the procedures and policies that impact college, program and classroom cultures.
  • Assist new instructors in the development of pedagogical skills.

The Teaching Essentials Program will play a significant role in meeting the needs of new faculty members through a series of interactive sessions that link subject-specialty knowledge directly to the practical planning and instructional skills needed to meet the immediate needs of curriculum delivery and student learning.

Program Format

The program is comprised of six three-hour sessions. Each session contains two or three modules (topics) of instruction. The program will be highly interactive and be facilitated using a variety of instructional styles. The sessions will progress through a sequence of four stages that typify active learning. Once piloted, the TEP will be available in an online delivery format that will accommodate part-time and instructors at regional campuses.