Enhance Pre-entry Student Supports

Pre-entry student supports are intended to facilitate the transition into the College — providing necessary supports to overcome any barriers to access while enhancing student success.

Achieving Student Readiness through Joint Initiatives at Assessment Services and the Academic Success Centre

How can RRC gauge when students are ready for their programs and how can we help incoming students best prepare? These are the questions Assessment Services (AS) staff have been asking as they work to identify and test assessment systems that better measure student readiness and respond to identified skill gaps.

This year the AS team has been working with Nursing to plan the pilot study of a Nursing-specific diagnostic assessment tool (the TEAS) that measures four skill areas in math, science, reading and language usage. The plan
includes a two-year pilot of the TEAS assessment tool and the development of pre-program and in-program remedial supports to those identified as being at risk. The result of this pilot will lead to information about skill gaps on
individual and group levels, data that will better inform the creation of more accurate and holistic selection and remediation systems.

We hope to see this pilot result in a new approach to communicating and meeting the needs of incoming students before they start their Nursing program.

In addition to assessing and developing programming for content needs, Assessment Services has been working to better understand and assess the meta-cognitive learning strategies such as persistence, grit and tenacity that contribute to success at RRC. This year the AS is using the Learning and Study Strategies Inventory (LASSI) assessment tool in a few select programs. The LASSI assesses student awareness and use of learning and study strategies. It provides individual students and programs with profiles of strengths and potential weaknesses in their approaches to learning. Students will also for the first time be referred to Academic Coaches who will use the results of the LASSI to create strategic learning plans.