Faculty Advising Testimonials

Heather Mauthe and Michele SykesHeather Mauthe
Coordinator, Medical Laboratory

Michele Sykes
Instructor, Medical Laboratory

"Continuous contact ensures that students are aware of faculty’s ongoing commitment to help students achieve their professional goals and to assist them when a need is identified."  

Cheryl HudsonCheryl Hudson
Instructor, Applied Commerce & Management Education

"I inform my students that if they have questions or concerns, tell me in class, come see me during office hours or email me ... I’ll listen to what they have to say. "

Said HassanSaid Hassan
Instructor, Life Sciences & Biotechnology

"I take the time to discuss with each student the challenges he/she may be facing and work out an individualized plan to make sure the student receives the necessary support to succeed."

Stephen HillStephen Hill
Instructor, Applied Arts & Communication

"Listening to students creates a connection. Asking questions fosters engagement. These two actions build relationships that will last."

Lesley McGuirk and Jennifer StaynerJennifer Stayner
Instructor, Medical Radiologic Technology

Lesley McGuirk
Coordinator, Medical Radiologic Technology

"We often start by having informal meetings with students either individually or as a group, sometimes over a cup of coffee. This early connection creates a welcoming environment which supports student success."

Sylvain MarinSylvain Marin
Instructor, Carpentry

"The personal connection helps to build a foundation of trust."

Kelly StiforaKelly Stifora
Coordinator, Technical Communication and Library and Information Technology

"By meeting with all students at the beginning of their classes, I get to know them a bit better, and they get to know me."

Melissa FontaineMelissa Fontaine
Interim Program Manager, Information Technology & Professional Studies

"Connecting with new students is a crucial first step to ensure they feel they have a point of contact and know a familiar face."

Vern BregenVern Bregen
Instructor, Cabinetry & Woodworking

"Inspire! Your passion for the job will come through if you love what you do. Share your industry experience, and care about your students."

Phillip ChengPhillip Cheng
Instructor, Life Sciences & Biotechnology

"A veteran CAE instructor once told me to always greet students with either a smile or a simple salutation when they first enter the room. Making that connection is a fundamental part of being able to impart some of my knowledge and wisdom to them."

Kerry CoulterKerry Coulter
Instructor, Youth Rec. Activity Worker Program

"Not all students feel comfortable asking for help in the classroom environment or approaching instructors outside of class, this is why it is important for instructors to engage students in conversations about what supports they need to be successful."

Brad PetersBrad Peters
Instructor, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning

"I always tell my students that I am here to help them learn, not just to teach them. That usually sets them at ease and allows them to connect better with me. At the end of the day, the lessons that we teach build both practical and personal lifelong skills that students can use long after they leave our classroom."

Joanna Simmons-SwindenJoanna Simmons-Swinden
Coordinator, Nursing

"I help students to create a personal plan that will help them be successful based on their own abilities and needs. For me, it is one of the most rewarding aspects of advising."

Tashia ShiaroTashia Shiaro
Instructor, Civil Technology

"After the first major test, I like to take one class to discuss Student Services with the group. Students may not know that tutoring, exam accommodations, lunch hour workshops and counselling are available to them."

Sue NarozniakSue Narozniak
Coordinator, Early Childhood Education

"When meeting with students, it is important to ask about why they chose the program, their family and outside interests, and what their aspirations are upon completion. Revisiting those small personal nuggets at future meetings helps to create a sense of trust and more positive engagement."

Lyllal KrahnLyllal Krahn
Instructor, Business Administration Integrated

"In order to connect with students, I believe you have to find out what motivates them."

Warren PendreeWarren Pendree
Instructor, Culinary Arts

"Every day I engage with my students, whether it’s in my classroom explaining the lecture of the day or being able to sit down and eat lunch with them."

Judy McGuirkJudy McGuirk
Instructor, Teacher Education

"I think that the notions of motivation and engagement are closely tied but that neither is static. To respond to these inevitable shifts effectively, we really need to get to know the students. Further, when they sense that we care about them, they are often more open to recommendations to access support services that sometimes go beyond what we can address as instructors.”

Len GrieveLen Grieve
Coordinator, Auto Mechanics

"Inspire your students by presenting lessons with excitement and enthusiasm. At the end of each day, the sense of accomplishment for you as well as your students is paramount."

Rob VandendorpeRob Vandendorpe
Instructor, Construction Electrician

"Passion isn’t built, it’s inspired. Be that inspiration when engaging with students."

Allan Cadger
Coordinator, Primary Care Paramedicine

"We take a team approach to advising and use tools like LEARN to monitor student progress across all courses, identify students who are at-risk, and connect them to the many student supports available at RRC based on their needs."