May 31
Upping Our Game this Fall

​I'm already looking forward to teaching one of my courses in the fall, which focuses on the theory and strategy of human communication. I always enjoy seeing the development of the students' understanding as it relates to this core academic and career skill. What I don't enjoy so much is the mode of teaching I've come to rely on in this course — lectures and in-class activities.Fall planning.jpg

Therefore, my teaching wish list for this fall includes discovery learning and project-based learning: 

  • Discovery learning requires that I set out the framework within which the students will explore the topic or question that I've set. They will, to a large extent, be the drivers of their learning through active investigation and collaboration with their peers. 
  • Project-based learning can be planned to span the entire term, giving the students a chance to gain and implement knowledge, while developing and practicing skills tied to longer-term study of a central question or problem. 

My ideas are still in the early-forming stage, but I'm keen to work my way towards a more hands-on and self-driven learning experience for students in this course. Even if I succeed on only one front or even on a portion of one front, I will be making progress towards being less 'sage on the stage' and more 'guide on the side'. 

What about you? What are you looking forward to in your fall teaching? How are you going to up your game? 

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What a great way to foster ...

What a great way to foster human communication in practice and in theory.
Picture: Tyler Steiner
  • Tyler Steiner
 on 6/3/2019 12:47 PM