Dec 14
Happy Holidays from Janine & Amanda!

One of my daughters' favorite Christmas books is called “Pete the Cat Saves Christmas".

It's a lovely story about how Pete the Cat comes to the rescue to save Christmas after Santa got ill from a cold winter chill. As Pete the Cat makes his rounds he sings, “Give it your all! Give it your all! At Christmas we give, so give it your all!"

Teaching for learning is the same: It requires us to give our all too, and it's hard work. We hope you're able to reflect on the past year and remind yourself of all you did to support student learning. Perhaps it was the development of solid lesson plans? Perhaps it was the extra effort you put in to find current and relevant examples to explain a concept? Perhaps it was the lesson you “flipped" to allow students to engage more with the material? Perhaps it was the late night providing quality feedback? And so on. 

FF pic Dec 14 2018.jpgTeaching for learning is also incredibly rewarding. There is nothing quite like the sincere appreciation from a student for the learning you helped them achieve.

As two of your peer Instructors, we thank you for your commitment to teaching for learning.

Thank you for “giving it your all".

Enjoy a restful holiday.

Janine & Amanda


Happy holidays to the two o...

Happy holidays to the two of you, and thanks for the blogs this fall!
Picture Placeholder: Gail Horvath
  • Gail Horvath
 on 12/14/2018 9:05 AM

Janine and Amanda: You both...

Janine and Amanda: You both rock! Thanks!
Picture Placeholder: Andrew Warren
  • Andrew Warren
 on 12/14/2018 11:40 AM

Although I am no longer ins...

Although I am no longer instructing, I try to read your blog weekly. More than once I have forwarded the link to my instructors encouraging them to read the post and respond to share the Regional perspective. I appreciate your posts and thank you for the effort it takes to post your excellent topics. Merry Christmas!!
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  • Joanne L B Unrau
 on 12/14/2018 4:52 PM