Nov 09
Introducing the Centre for Learning and Program Excellence

By Nadine Ogborn - Director, Centre for Learning and Program Excellence

The Centre for Learning and Program Excellence exists to advance teaching and learning excellence at RRC to build our communities.

The Centre is still a new entity – established in 2018, we haven't even celebrated our first anniversary. The Centre for Learning and Program Excellence is located at NDC in FM28 (with eTV just a quick walk down the hall in GM32). In the three months since I arrived at RRC, I've gotten to know the current units that make up the Centre:

  • CLPE.jpgProgram and Curriculum Development
  • Teaching Learning Technology Centre
  • eTV
  • Recognition of Prior Learning
  • Staff Learning and Development

The varied skills, passions and investment the individuals in the Centre bring to their work is inspiring. Based on this, I was very excited for the Centre to come together for a full day in October to define our purpose that will help us move forward with greater integration and alignment of our units and services to support academic transformation at Red River College.

A few takeaways from the day:

  • It is DIFFICULT to get everyone in the same room on the same day. :)
  • We are continuing to learn more about each other and how we can integrate what we do.
  • Despite varied roles within the College and diverse experience and backgrounds, we were able to agree on the idea for our purpose quite easily:

The Centre for Learning and Program Excellence exists to advance teaching and learning excellence at RRC to build our communities.

This purpose is a first step in defining the Centre's vision, values and strategies to serve RRC faculty, staff, leaders and (OF COURSE) students. We will be providing support and working closely with instructors, staff, programs, chairs, and deans to develop, design and deliver high quality, innovative academic courses and programs that keep pace with the changing needs of our students, an evolving work-force and an ever changing economy.

Faculty Fridays is a great initiative to engage faculty across RRC's campuses (keep it up Amanda and Janine!). Please sign in above, then post a comment to share what you would like to see the Centre offer to support teaching for learning.


It's exciting to hear more ...

It's exciting to hear more about your Centre and its mission! I wonder if some of your staff can spend entire terms working with instructors within our departments to help us improve our course design and teaching? Often the best insights come only when people live and breathe the work and absorb the student experience for a while. I look forward to learning more from the expertise of everyone in your Centre!
Picture Placeholder: Gail Horvath
  • Gail Horvath
 on 11/9/2018 9:09 AM

Thanks Gail! We're definite...

Thanks Gail! We're definitely looking at all types of ways to support teaching for learning at RRC. Look forward to meeting you!
Picture Placeholder: Nadine Ogborn
  • Nadine Ogborn
 on 11/14/2018 4:11 PM

Hi Nadine The School for Ed...

Hi Nadine The School for Education, Arts and Science leadership team received your CLPE update on WebEx today. I'm very interested to learn more about the centre's activities, particularly as they relate to the role of instructional design at the college and the interface between the instructional and curriculum designer roles. The LTC has some instructors attending the EDUCAUSE webinar series on learning spaces this month. It's a great organizational membership.
Picture Placeholder: Stuart Y Schwartz
  • Stuart Y Schwartz
 on 12/6/2018 2:50 PM