Oct 05
Introducing the STTC!

This fall Red River College opened the new Skilled Trades and Technology Centre (STTC). Click on this picture to take a photo tour of the new facility.


Mark Blackner, Chair of Electrical, Mechanical and Manufacturing, shared with us examples of how the new building will contribute to teaching for learning - our focus in Faculty Fridays:

  • Labs have been designed to better prepare students for real-life working conditions and current industry trends/designs:
    • The wood floor in the Carpentry Workshop allows students to fasten structures directly to the floor to provide a stable foundation for the rest of the project. The floor is then easily replaced when needed.
    • The Innovation Lab/Smart Factory (to be completed by November) will expose students to Industry 4.0 processes, new equipment and machining techniques. 
    • New equipment in the Electrical, Robotic, Sheet Metal, Refrigeration, Heating/Cooling and Carpentry labs.
    • New spray booth in the Metallurgy lab for training on composite materials.
  • In addition, STTC includes state of the art computer labs with enhanced software to allow students easier access to complete projects and assignments. Classrooms are equipped with large windows, better lighting, idea boards, smart projectors, accessibility, instructor height adjustable desks, and better air quality. The STTC also includes more student breakout space for networking and collaboration.


We're so happy for students and staff that get to learn together in a state of the art facility like the STTC. The conversation about classrooms of the future will continue as the college begins building the Innovation Centre downtown. What are your priorities for a classroom of the future? Equally important, what do you think the future of teaching might look like? How can we prepare, individually and as an institution, for the future of teaching?


Thanks Jeanine and Mark for...

Thanks Jeanine and Mark for highlighting our new STTC! We look forward to leveraging our new spaces in a variety of ways to meet both current and future students needs. As we settle into the new spaces we are looking to engage faculty and staff and to hear innovative ideas that enhance learning. The building is just the beginning:)
Picture Placeholder: Derek Ryan Kochenash
  • Derek Ryan Kochenash
 on 10/5/2018 2:32 PM

This is another fantastic a...

This is another fantastic addition to the Red River College campus.  I look forward to hearing more about the experiences at STTC over the coming months.  It will be a tremendous opportunity to leverage your experiences as we develop the Innovation Centre on the Roblin Campus!
Picture Placeholder: Brant Long
  • Brant Long
 on 10/10/2018 8:13 AM