May 11
Your Teaching Wish List

No matter where you're at in your teaching year, we would like to provide a bit of inspiration for you to contemplate expanding your teaching-skills repertoire. Maybe an activity didn't quite work out in the shop the way you thought it would when you dreamt it up at your desk. Or maybe an assignment that seemed totally straight forward to you at your keyboard became a muddle of misunderstandings once it reached the students via LEARN.

Regardless, the summer months can offer a slower pace of professional responsibilities and, thus, a bit of time to reflect on something in your bag of teaching tricks that you'd like to improve for the next teaching term.

To kick start your own process, here are some contributions from a few colleagues who have already put on their thinking caps:

Jocelyne Olson.JPGJocelyne Olson, Technical Communication instructor, has assessments on her wish list: "My biggest thing right now is that I'd like to improve my informal formative assessments. I can do a decent worksheet and assignment, but I'd like to get better at the types of activities that allow me to see where students are at on a more informal (ungraded, low-stress, low-stakes) level. I'd like to use my tablet and phone more to do effective in-the-class informal assessments." 

Roberta Mack.jpgRoberta Mack, Medical Laboratory instructor, would like to find more time in her day! "I'd like to figure out a way to streamline my marking and change my assessment methods, so as to free up time for me and my other teaching-related work. I'd like to devise ways to give participation marks for active class and lab discussion, for example. I need more time to prep for my classes and I want to spend less time passively grading students' work." 

Cordt Euler.JPGFor Cordt Euler, Technical Communication instructor, it's not so much a radical change he's looking for as it is finding new ways to tie classroom learning to real-world work: "I'd like to improve in motivating students to engage more with what I'm teaching, so I'd like to get better at encouraging them to see the relevance of what they're learning in my classes."  


Do you have a wish list of your own or maybe some tips for these colleagues? Please share! Sign in (top right corner) and post a comment below. Thanks!


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