Feb 28
Collaborating with our Peers

A recent post focused on helping our students collaborate effectively with their peers in our classes. That got us thinking: What are our own best practices for collaborating about teaching and learning​ with each other as instructors?  collaborating with our peers.jpg

Do we practice what we teach? Do we give ourselves the opportunity to engage in some informal professional development by getting together with our own colleagues to collaborate on teaching methods or on subject matters we might share across classes or programs?

One of the huge benefits of working on this blog is that I get to collaborate routinely with Janine on generating story ideas, finding leads and writing the posts. It's productive and informative – we usually have something new and interesting to offer each other about teaching as we're working – and it's fun. To ensure that we actually have this time every week, we have a standing 30-minute meeting every Monday. Sometimes it's just over the phone, other times we meet in person. But, regardless, we hold that time open to ensure that we do genuinely collaborate on Faculty Fridays.

Do you have similar opportunities in your area of teaching? If yes, tell us about them. If no, what one thing could you do to incorporate some productive collaboration into your work? By the way, reading and commenting on the blog is collaboration, too. Do you have ideas for how FF could support that collaboration beyond the blog?


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I have experienced countles...

I have experienced countless benefits of collaboration. We can learn new teaching techniques, get different perspectives on challenges with students, and save prep time by sharing course materials. I am happy to see more and more pockets of close collaboration among RRC instructors! Technology, including tools such as LEARN, can really facilitate collaborative work on courses. I highly recommend it!
Picture Placeholder: Gail Horvath
  • Gail Horvath
 on 2/28/2020 9:04 AM

Building on Gail's comment ...

Building on Gail's comment about technology, the Business Law team has started using OneDrive to collaborate on examination materials.  We have also used a OneDrive document to have a sign-up/deadline sheet for quiz preparation.  Survey Monkey has also worked to get feedback on the method of exam delivery (opinions on closed book, open book, giving questions ahead of time).

As for creative activities, Faculty Friday's has been my go-to source for inspiration!  Thank you FF community!
Picture Placeholder: Lindsay Mulholland
  • Lindsay Mulholland
 on 2/28/2020 9:45 AM

I just started as an instru...

I just started as an instructor in August as part of a team of Communications Instructors in ACE. I don't think I could have survived without regular collaboration and support from all of our team, with both the other new instructors (5 of us were hired at the same time) and the seasoned veterans. It hugely improved the quality of my work and experience of my students!
Picture Placeholder: Roberta J Anderson
  • Roberta J Anderson
 on 2/28/2020 10:24 AM

MS Teams has become a usefu...

MS Teams has become a useful collaboration tool for me. It integrates with OneDrive and the chat function is better than passing emails back and forth when working with several people.

I like that your examples of 'collaboration' reinforce that it is an ongoing process and not a one-time event/result. Thank you Faculty Friday! 

Picture Placeholder: Kevin Boon
  • Kevin Boon
 on 3/2/2020 7:36 AM