RPL Process for Learners

On this page we list resources that faculty and staff would use when advising learners of the RPL Process:

  • RPL Frequently Asked Questions
    An important resource.  If you have a question, the answer is likely found here.
  • RPL Process
    What is the process that learners follow.
  • RPL Process Flow Diagram
    To aid in the understanding of the RPL process, we have provided a diagram.
  • Red River College RPL Brochure
  • RPL Orientation for Learners
    RPL Orientations are offered monthly during the academic year. These facilitated sessions will be of interest to students and prospective students who believe they have significant work and life experience and learning which may be equivalent to college courses.
  • RPL Information Package for Learners
    A simple to understand package for learners, to facilitate the understanding of RPL
  • RPL Forms
    Forms related to the RPL Process at Red River College
  • RPL Fees
    What are the fees for RPL?
  • Portfolio Development Learner Guide
    The portfolio (evidence collection) is one RPL process that a learner may use to demonstrate learning equivalent to course content and expectations. The RPL Academic Advisor provides assistance and guides learners in the development of a portfolio to prove prior learning for a course(s) in programs.
  • RPL Contacts