RPL Professional Networks

RPL activity occurs in Manitoba, across Canada and throughout many countries world wide.

Websites for local, provincial, national and international RPL networks, qualifications frameworks and professional organizations are provided. Red River College has current memberships in MPLAN, CAPLA and CAEL.

Manitoba Prior Learning Assessment Network (MPLAN)

Manitoba’s network for RPL practitioners from education, business and industry, government and the community. RRC has a Group membership for MPLAN. RRC has an Organizational membership in MPLAN. - MPLAN Website

Assessing the Qualifications of Refugees: Best Practices and Guidelines

A recorded Teleconference partnered with RPL Services at Red River College including a Q & A session plus moderated group discussion.

Recorded on: Wednesday, May 2, 2018
View: POWERPOINT presentation PDF
Watch video: http://etv.academic.rrc.ca/Mediasite/Play/657cfd4590694ddeae5052e785ae91011d

A presentation of the Canadian Information Centre for International Credentials (CICIC)’s report on assessing the qualifications of refugees. The report recommends alternative assessment approaches and assessment best practices and guidelines to support organizations in developing an alternative assessment process.

Presented via teleconference by Michael Ringuette, Coordinator of CICIC. We invite you to learn about CICIC’s report and consider the opportunities and challenges of alternative qualification assessment for your organization.

This may be of interest to individuals from postsecondary education, regulatory bodies, Adult Learning Centres, Formal/ Informal Language Training organizations, Immigrant-serving agencies, Sector Councils, and employers.

This event is partnered by the Manitoba Prior Learning Assessment Network (MPLAN) and RPL Services at Red River College.

RPL Sharing Circle

RRC and MPLAN hosted an insightful event featuring three presenters involved in transforming lives in the Aboriginal communities, see videos below.

Red River College’s Elder Mae Louise performed the opening and closing ceremony for the RPL Sharing Circle event.

Karen Willy, M.A. received the RPL Practitioner Certificate with Honors (2014) and is the Coordinator of NWT Adult Literacy and Basic Education. She is responsible for curriculum development and program monitoring for all adult upgrading programs in the NWT. She also is involved in program development, most recently in the financial literacy and portfolio development areas. (Streamed from the Northwest Territories)

Dr. Lloyd Hawkeye Robertson is a Counselling and Educational Psychologist who practices in La Ronge, SK and has written several academic publications on RPL and Aboriginal learners. His presentation will involve examining maps of the self of several individuals and tracing possible transitional changes to such selves. (Streamed from Saskatchewan)

Rosemarie Mayo is an associate of Partners for Careers which offers services to assist First Nations, Métis, Inuit and non-Aboriginal job seekers to find employment, training and/or educational “next-steps.” Presently, Rosemarie is the Project Coordinator at the Selkirk Friendship Centre. She has used portfolio development to help transform her life and is now using portfolio development to enrich and transform the lives of Aboriginal learners in Centre's community. (In studio presentation).


RPL Sharing Circle – Full Presentation

RPL Sharing Circle 2016 - Introduction & Opening Ceremony

RPL Sharing Circle 2016 - Karen Willy

RPL Sharing Circle 2016 - Dr. Lloyd Hawkeye Roberston

RPL Sharing Circle 2016 - Rosemary and Lynn / Closing

The Canadian Association for Prior Learning Assessment is a non profit organization and the national voice for prior learning assessment and recognition in Canada. CAPLA advocates for continuous learning opportunities for adults and the formal recognition on previous learning achievements. CAPLA facilitates networking and information sharing through its website, newsletters and conferences. RRC has an Organizational membership in CAPLA.

Learn more about current RPL QA practices at RRC and ongoing research in the RPL field.

Watch the RPL@Noon video (October 30, 2015) - Quality Assurance in RPL-what does it really mean?

Check out "The HUB", CAPLA’s newsletter

Winter 2018 edition (PDF)

Canadian Association for Prior Learning Assessment (CAPLA) – New Research and Resources on RPL Quality Assurance

CAPLA’s RPL QA project details and new publications (October 2015) can be accessed on the CAPLA Quality Assurance website at www.capla.ca/quality-assurance/

1. Brochure - Quality Assurance for the Recognition of Prior Learning in Canada: THE MANUAL- An Introduction
2. Quality Assurance for the Recognition of Prior Learning in Canada: THE MANUAL (www.capla.ca)

Colleges and Institutes Canada (CIC) Recognition of Learning (ROL) Strategic Network

(formerly the Association of Canadian Community Colleges – ACCC). The ROL Strategic Network is a national network (primarily internet based) through which College RPL advocates and practitioners can collectively be more effective in advancing recognition of learning and RPL services at the post-secondary level in Canada.

  • BCPLAN: British Columbia Prior Learning Action Network

  • rplinmanitoba.ca Manitoba government RPL resources and information

  • nall.oise.utoronto.ca NALL New Approaches to Lifelong Learning
    Note: Links on this site may not be up to date, as the site was developed through a funded project which has ended. It still remains, however, one of the most complete data bases of RPL resources.

  • TRU Open Learning The PLIRC Document Database is an initiative of the Prior Learning International Research Centre (PLIRC) at Thompson Rivers University.
    Intended for scholars, practitioners, and policy-makers, the database provides a free, full-text resource of research-related documents in the area of prior learning assessment and recognition.

  • www.cmec.ca The Canadian Council of Ministers of Education includes various publications and resources on education in Canada.