Professional Portfolio Development


The portfolio (evidence collection) is one RPL process that a learner may use to demonstrate learning equivalent to course outcome expectations. The Portfolio Development Guide Student Information will guide a learner through the process. The RPL Advisor will work with learners as they gather and present evidence using the portfolio format.

Professional portfolios or career portfolios clearly outline an individual’s knowledge, skills and abilities and provide the proof or documentation of these abilities. Professional portfolios can be paper based or electronic (i.e. eportfolios) and are developed in many creative ways. At Red River College, we provide a course or a series of workshops in Professional Portfolio development to assist learners to work through a portfolio development process and complete a professional portfolio prior to graduation. These graduates leave RRC, not only with their diploma or certificate but with a professional portfolio that can be used to prepare for and during a job search and as a career development tool for lifelong learning.

How is the development of a Professional Portfolio integrated at RRC?

Currently, a few college programs include the Professional Portfolio workshop on Portfolio Development as part of the program curriculum. These Professional Portfolio workshops are integrated into the program as part of a current course (i.e. a Professional Development, Communications, Interpersonal course) or as a standalone course (i.e. EDUA-1005: Portfolio Development, CORR-1012: Professional Portfolio Development, PDEV-2001: Portfolio Development online). Some integrate the Professional Portfolio course throughout the program. For example, the first two workshops, related to an introduction to the portfolio process and portfolio documentation may be delivered early in the program such that students can collect and develop samples of documentation/evidence through out their program. The other workshops are often integrated into the final year of the program. Students graduate with a professional portfolio/eportfolio, which clearly documents and proves skills and abilities-both the essential employability skills and the specific occupational/professional skills. The workshops/course also prepares students for using the portfolio in job search and interviews.

Who facilitates the Professional Portfolio workshops/course?

The Professional Portfolio workshop(s)/course are facilitated by the RRC RPL Advisor, RPL Facilitator, by College instructors who have completed the Train the Trainer: Portfolio Development (PLAR2002) course or by using a program team/mentor approach with the College’s RPL Services department. Course materials and resources are provided by the RPL Services department. Portfolio facilitators have developed the skills to effectively facilitate the portfolio process following good RPL standards and approaches.

What Programs include a Professional Portfolio component?

Some examples of RRC programs with Professional Portfolio Development workshops / course built in as part of the curriculum include: Early Childhood Education, Child and Youth Care, Educational Assistant, and Recognition of Prior Learning Practitioner. Examples of Co-op Work Experience programs that incorporate Professional Portfolios include: Culinary Arts, Professional Baking and Hospitality and Tourism Management.

How can students access a Professional Portfolio Course?

The Portfolio Development Course (PDEV2001) offered through the School of Continuing Education is delivered online via LEARN and is available for any student who wishes to create a professional portfolio or eportfolio. This course is offered a minimum of once a year usually in the Fall term.

How can faculty/staff access Professional Portfolio training?

The Train the Trainer: Portfolio Course is offered via classroom and LEARN distance delivery. A blended delivery format of in class and online module may be available on a cohort/project basis through Corporate Solutions. College faculty/staff interested in accessing the training to become a portfolio facilitator should contact the College’s RPL Services department.

Additional Information?

For additional information please contact:

RPL Facilitator
Lauren Waples
DM13J – 2055 Notre Dame Ave
Winnipeg, MB R3H 0J9