Instructor Position Description Resources

This page is intended to provide updated information, resources and links to assist in renewing the Instructor Position Description.

As you are probably aware, the Instructor Position Description was last updated 20 years ago. A committee with cross College representation including instructors, coordinators, chairs and deans has been formed to renew the position description. The committee has created an online survey and hosted two forums (December 15th at EDC and December 16th NDC streamed) to solicit feedback on updating the description. The feedback has been excellent so far, but we continue to encourage all interested faculty and staff for their input.

You can provide input by:

  1. completing the survey @
  2. contacting Derek Kochenash or Kurt Proctor with your input.

IPD Resources

  1. Current Instructor Position Description (IPD)
  2. Instructor Position Description (IPD) forum handout indicating general areas of competency matched with the existing position description.
  3. Instructor Position Description Template with the space available for your input matching CAE occupational analysis.
  4. CAE Instructor Occupational Analysis and DACUM documents:
  5. Survey response data as of December 12th, 2014
  6. IPD Forum December 16, 2014 (Video on demand)