Prairie Region Great Teacher Seminar

Dates: May 13 - 16, 2019

RRC will host the 17th Annual Great Teacher Seminar in Riding Mountain National Park (Elkhorn Resort Spa and Conference Centre).

The Prairie Region Great Teacher seminar is a 3 day intensive seminar that provides an opportunity to learn about and reflect on the challenges faced by educators in a range of professional environments. Participants come from colleges, high schools, public and private training environments but all share the common goal effective classroom performance. Participants will learn from each other through discussion and exploration of teaching strategies, innovations, problems and solutions. The theme underlying all seminar activities is the perpetual challenge to identify the characteristics of the "Great Teacher". This seminar is not limited to the already great; rather, it is designed to attract those who have a desire to be great educators. This is one of the most unique professional development opportunities.

Pre-conference assignments are required. You will be asked to write a one-page paper drawn from your experience in your teaching environment. Full participation in all the workshops is expected. If you cannot commit fully to the entire seminar, we suggest you attend another year.

Prairie Region Great Teacher Seminar 2019 Brochure

Application Information for Red River College Faculty

Red River College Full Time Instructors may apply to attend:

  • Space is limited: Please confirm your eligibility with your Dean/Manager as to your availability and funding. Cancellation fees apply to all applications.
  • To apply: Please fill out a current application form and staff development form to confirm eligibility and attendance.
  • RRC application deadline: March 19, 2019.
  • You will be notified by email by the end of March if your application is approved.

For more information about the application process please contact Monique Pishak, Teacher Education at or 204-632-2300.

Frequently Asked Questions  

  1. What is the GTS?
    The Great Teacher Seminar (GTS) is a three-day, intensive seminar that provides an opportunity to learn about and reflect on the challenges faced by educators in applied education environments. These events are hosted by colleges across North America, Pacific Rim countries, Qatar and other places around the world. They are always billed as “once in a lifetime opportunities.” Check out the National Great Teacher Seminar Movement website at
  2. Who should attend the GTS?
    Full time instructors who are genuinely interested in continuously improving their classroom effectiveness should attend this seminar. This seminar is designed to attract those who are striving to be great educators. Instructors from all program areas are encouraged to take advantage of this unique professional development opportunity.
  3. Where is the Prairie Region GTS?
    The Prairie Region GTS is held at the Elkhorn Resort Spa and Conference Centre adjacent to Riding Mountain National Park located one hour north of Brandon, Manitoba. It is held annually during the second week in May.
  4. What is the cost for the seminar?
    Fees for 2019 are set at $940 including GST. The total cost for each participant includes seminar registration, three nights’ accommodation, all meals and all seminar materials.
  5. How do I apply to attend the GTS?
    An application form is required for all potential attendees (please see for the current form.) Fill out and return the application form to Monique Pishak ( in the Teacher Education Department at RRC. RRC instructors are also required to fill out an accompanying staff development form that confirms funding approval from their department Manager or Dean. Applications from non-RRC instructors will be contacted regarding payment information.
  6. At the seminar, will I have any free time?
    The Great Teacher Seminar is a very intensive seminar that meets morning, afternoon and evening. Your full participation in the entire event is expected if you are chosen to attend. However, there will be some free time each day and on Wednesday afternoon. Some extra-curricular activities and adventures are available at the Resort.
  7. Can I take my own vehicle to Elkhorn Resort?
    You may take your own vehicle at your own expense. Carpooling is encouraged also so please explore the possibilities within your institution and among your colleagues.
  8. What are the arrival and departure times?
    Instructions will be sent, once you are approved for the seminar.
  9. Can I bring my family members or spouse?
    No. This seminar is not the time to share the Elkhorn Resort with your family. The seminar is busy and your full participation is expected in the all activities. Meals are shared with other seminar participants and the seminar includes evening sessions.
  10. What should I bring with me?
    You will be provided with a list of materials and things to bring to the seminar once you have been selected to attend.

For More Information

For more information contact:  

Monique Pishak, Teacher Education
Red River College
D201 – 2055 Notre Dame Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3H 0J9

Phone: (204) 632-2300