Enrolment Services Info for Staff

Enrolment Services is the administrative centre for all student records, program and course information, fee schedules and other related records and website information. Student Records Officers and Systems and Record Support Officers work closely with Deans, Chairs, Coordinators, and faculty to ensure student records are accurate and current. Recruitment staff coordinate high school visits, work with College academic departments on recruitment strategy, program related print material and plan and execute RRC’s participation in numerous recruitment activities.

Program Content Information

Laura Valentini, Systems and Records Support Officer
Enrolment Services D105
Notre Dame Campus

Program content information is updated via Colleague. Changes to program content (add or delete courses), course names, course hours, and credit hours are made through the Colleague. Once course has been approved at SAC, please complete the Course Creation form and submit to Laura Valentini. . If change to content is less than 20%, requests do not need to go to SAC but Course Creation Form does need to be signed by Dean and Executive Director, Academic.

Program Information – Website

Kevin Hall, Student Records and System Support
Enrolment Services D105
Notre Dame Campus

Updates to program information (program description, contact information, etc.) and course descriptions may be made by faculty via the Catalogue Maintenance System. Once verified, changes will be displayed on the program’s webpage on the College’s website and used to develop program print material including program rack cards, the College Calendar, and the Viewbook.

Student Recruitment

Clint Thiessen, Recruitment Officer
Student Service Centre, Room D105
Notre Dame Campus


John Conklin, Recruitment Officer
Student Service Centre, Room D105
Notre Dame Campus

Red River College’s recruitment team is dedicated to assisting future students, parents of future students, and school guidance counsellors in discovering the many options that the College has to offer. The recruitment team conducts campus tours, attends career fairs, makes school visits to deliver information sessions, and holds an annual Open House event at RRC. Clint and Kristina are available to answer questions and provide valuable insight about Red River College and its hundreds of educational offerings.


Timetabler Office
Registrar’s Office, Room D105
Notre Dame Campus

The College uses an automated College wide timetabling system called Infosilem. Infosilem is integrated with Colleague and used to create student timetables and schedules for all programs and courses offered at the College. It is also used for booking rooms for non-academic events and producing program/course costing reports. Questions regarding timetabling can be referred to Christine Siewert at 204-632-3074. To book a room for a non-academic event, please contact Tammie Sainsbury at 204-632-2508.