Faculty Support

Staff Guide to Student Services 2018-2019
A quick and easy Faculty guide to everything Student Services offers.

Enrolment Services Info for Staff
Enrolment Services is the administrative centre for all student records, program and course information, fee schedules and other related records, and program related print material and website information. Student Records Officer work closely with Deans, Chairs, Coordinators, and faculty to ensure student records are accurate and current. Recruitment staff coordinate high school visits, work with College academic departments on recruitment strategy, and plan and execute RRC’s participation in numerous recruitment activities.

Faculty Professional Development
Where and how can faculty arrange to attend professional development opportunities?

Worrisome Behaviour Protocol
Worrisome behaviour is any behaviour that causes concern and may require action. The purpose of this protocol is to guide and sustain a network where the College community can respond proactively to situations involving worrisome student behaviour.

Teaching Essentials Program (TEP)
A multifaceted approach designed to equip new faculty to be confident, well prepared, and to feel comfortable in their new roles as instructors at Red River College.