Faculty Professional Development

There is a wide variety of professional development opportunities available at Red River College, offered by various department and divisions. 

We have provided a guide to Professional Development training on this site by summarizing and linking to the various areas that provide training:

Faculty Professional Development Workshops

The Centre for Teaching Excellence Innovation and Research maintains a calendar of webinars and workshops which focus on Faculty related topics.

Workshops are offered from time to time throughout the calendar year.  In addition, extra workshops are scheduled during Reading Week and in the May-June period to take advantage of times when many Faculty may have additional availability.

Teacher Education

Teacher education delivers Faculty Professional Development in the form of the Certificate in Adult Education program and the Teaching Essentials Program (TEP) .  Refer to the information pages linked below for more information and schedules.

Staff Development

Staff development at Red River College offers information on employee orientation, recognition programs, developmental opportunities financial supports, and events such as conferences. You will find developmental resources available both internal and external to RRC.

RPL Professional Development

The Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Department offers professional development and training related to PLAR subjects.