Videos (CESL)

What is Community Engagement Service Learning? Watch

The first of the faculty development sessions is an introduction to Community Engagement Service Learning. Learning in the community has been part of RRC’s mandate of applied learning for decades.  However, up to now, the activities have not have been articulated by a consistent definition and coordinated across programs and schools. If your program currently offers students a learning activity (project, assignment, or volunteer opportunity) to provide service to a community organization, you are involved in Community Engagement Service Learning. This initiative supports the implementation of the six new College-Wide Learning Outcomes expected to be part of all programs at RRC, specifically “Contribute to Community”.

This introductory information session was led by Craig Edwards, Curriculum Consultant, Program & Curriculum Development.

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Getting Started with Community Learning Watch

The second of five faculty development sessions on Community Engagement is a one-hour workshop to introduce concepts of Community Engagement and Service Learning and spark ideas for instructors to incorporate “community” into your curriculum.  Service-learning offers students a unique combination of academic content, service experience, and critical reflection and is recognized as high-impact learning. Explore ways to engage your students in achieving learning outcomes by integrating a variety of community projects where  students can apply their skills and demonstrate their learning. 

This discussion-based workshop was led by Teresa Menzies, Instructor – Teacher Education

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Successful Community Engagement – Stories from Faculty Front Lines Watch

Learning in the community has been part of RRC’s mandate for decades. However, up to now, community engagement activities for students haven’t have been formally defined, articulated, and coordinated. Over the past two years, many instructors have helped identify community service activities used in their courses and programs. The activities are varied in scope but all help students demonstrate the new College-Wide Learning Outcomes, especially “Contribute to Community”.

This session was facilitated by Lorna Smith, Curriculum Consultant in Program and Curriculum Development.

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How Can Faculty Help Students Assess Their Community Learning Activities? Watch

Critical thinking and reflection skills are valuable high impact learning processes when included as part of assessing ‘Contribute to Community’ as one of the six new College-Wide Learning Outcomes. This workshop will focus on assessment of community learning activities. Not only do students need to take an active role in applying their knowledge and skills while participating in community learning activities, but they also benefit from reflecting on their experiences to maximize their personal learning. This workshop will appeal to instructors who want to learn more about designing assignments that help students think critically about their learning opportunities in the community.

This session was facilitated by Curriculum Consultant, Craig Edwards..

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